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Wild Rose Serum


Wild Andean rose’ precious properties contained in an organic lipid serum, created to take care of eyes and lips area.

15 ml

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You will fall in love with this sensory experience. A glass ball which You use to apply the product onto your skin caresses it with a soft massage and improves microcirculation in the epidermis. Immerse yourself in this pleasant skincare given to You by Mother Nature. Organic ingredients will take care of You leaving a sensual look and firm, glowing lips.

What is inside: Wild Andean rose extract, red currant seeds essential oil, rosemary extract, Bourbon rose essential oil, coenzyme Q10.

Destination: Eye and lip area care. For all skin types.

How to enjoy: Spread the serum over Your lips and eye area using the glass ball. Feel how active ingredients regenerate deeply those care-demanding areas of your face, leaving them full of their natural glow.

ROSE VIBES – A gift from nature.

The Collection designed on the basis of the most valuable treasures of nature – luxury species of rose: Damascus rose – queen of all roses, Andean – wild rose and geranium bourbon rose.

The collection is enclosed in the highest quality glass black containers, which are both preservatives for the products inside.


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